Monday, November 15, 2010

Selective Claustraphobia

Yes I have this.  It comes and goes and has a mind of its own.  Today it showed up with a vengeance.  As I sat in my office chair during the last 2 hours of work; a sudden anger came over me and I could not sit still.  I had to get out of my seat and stretch and just get some space.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I like being up and about.  Maybe it's just that I like being able to be up and about whenever I feel I need to.  And whatever happened to 15 minute breaks?  Are those not allowed anymore?  I get an hour for lunch; but does that mean that I get no other break during the day.  I need my 15 minute break.  It would be nice to get out of my seat and just go for a little walk around the hallway.  I can't wait till Wednesday.  I will begin working on what I was hired to do and will be much too busy to sit and freak out.

Should be tired.... but not.



  1. eyyy Vicky, whenever happens to you, close your eyes and think you are in a big & spacious place with no walls, fences, or roof around. A little water falling sounds around and that makes you feel relax & easy. There´s nothing gonna happen to me and everything is alright, there´s no problem. Meanwhile take deep breaths and a cup of cold water that will relax you from the inside out.

    There´re some songs on the internet of nature sounds with or without music which will help you out with this situation ever time it happens. Write down these little help on a post-it and put it in front of your screen at your worksite and take a look and do it when you need it.

    hope this help my dear friend

    luv Javi

  2. Javi! I just saw this comment. nature sounds would be a good idea. bu ti have no speakers on my computer lol. music in general would help. i gotta see about them speakers. Miss u mi amigo!!!