Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No Shame

Do you know anybody who has absolutely no shame? Or as we mexican's like to call them: sin verguenzas.  I don't mean someone who is blunt or not embarassed to burp in public.  I'm talking about that big girl who sees there's only 3 pieces of cake but still takes 2 pieces because she will plop over and die if she doesn't. 

I am the type of person who can't hide my facial expressions.  If you do something apauling; I'm going to stare.  I came up with a motto:  If you have the nerve, I have the right.  I was at the beach once and this couple was full on getting busy on their towel.  I literally believe that they were having sex.  I started and kept saying things really loud so that they would hear.  Some of my friends told me to shut up; but I refuse to be silent when people obviously don't care to respect the rights of those around them.  Another time at the beach this guy had his disgusting hairy foot propped up on his tiny girlfriend.  They were about 12 feet from me; but I could still see his thick, long, yellow toe-nails.  His girlfriend whipped out some nail clippers and began to chop them off piece by piece.  It was absolutely repulsive.  I stared, I gagged, I pointed, and I yelled.  "That's effin nasty."  Once again, my friends told me to be quiet.  But if they had the nerve to be so rude and gross in a public place; then I have the right to criticize.  Que no?

Employee orientation today was no picnic.  It was beyond boring and although I wanted to lay my scarf on the table and use it as a pillow; I drank an extra cup of coffee and sucked it up.  Others however, did not.  Two or three of the new employees had their heads on the desk, eyes half shut, and paid no attention to the guest speakers.  No shame! You have a new job at a great place.  Why wouldn't you want to make a great first impression with the department leaders? 

I'm exhausted. Goodnight.


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