Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun With Friends

So much occurred today; but I prefer to start this weeks blogs on a positive note.  Two of my good friends and I  went to LACMA on Sunday and they had an event going on called Let Them Eat LACMA.  There were a few live exhibits that were so much fun.  For starters; some random girls dressed in "Hot Dog On a Stick" outfits were sporadically placed in 2 of the main rooms.  At first I thought they were there for their work-break, but they were part of the theme of the day.  Ms. Pac-Man was hanging out in the front of the museum, just chomping away at everyone.  William Eggleston, Blinky Palermo; I will never fully understand "modern-art."  It was just nothing.  Pictures, and tacky colors.  No thank you.  Highlighting all of the exhibits was the display of Colossal Olmec heads made from basalt.  How beautiful and precious to see the heads close-up.  I have studied them before and it was just amazing to be in front of them and touch them; even though you're not supposed to touch them.  I simply had to.

After an amazing day at LACMA, I got to see "For Colored Girls," and I recommend that every woman does.  It is real, raw, gripping, and relevant.  So powerful.


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