Tuesday, November 2, 2010


First of all; I found out that the protein shake I've been taking is for BUILDING mass!! AHHHH!!  Thankfully; I have stood at the same weight, and not gained!  Good thing I've been hitting the gym on the regular!

Second of all; the thing about thefugleetruth is that once you've had time to think about it; once you let it sink in; you realize that your emotions were in control.  When thefugleetruth comes out, it isn't pretty.  It is painful, and raw, and revealing.  Hopefully you are surrounded by friends when you face these types of moments.  True friends see you at your weakest and hurt along with you.  They wish the best for you and love you even though you have raccoon eyes and a runny nose.  After some time has passed; you realize your mistakes (hopefully) and see that you were more emotional than logical.  It's important to be level-headed when it comes to the notion of love.  Weigh the good and bad; and make a decision that makes sense for you and the plans you have for your future.  It's not all about feelings. 

Life is so beautiful.  After work I spent a few hours with my parents.  What an example of love.  They have their fights and little arguments; but at the end of the day they work things out and are the best of friends.  I feel blessed that they still enjoy spending time with me.  On the way home from Ontario we were pretty quiet untill my mom started talking about a show called "Taboo" on the National Geographic channel.  She was telling my dad about this woman who has a waist the size of a cd (compact disc).  She went on and on about this couple who special orders corsets that are 2 sizes too small for the wife.  Yuck!!  My mom started cracking up and went on to tell us about men who have life-sized female dolls as their life-partners.  What the hell?  She had been quiet for 45 minutes but apparently her wheels were turning.  It was hilarious. Good times.


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