Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music and Me

There's always a perfect song for the way I feel.  When I need to stop being lazy and get working on making my future brighter, I listen to some Jay Z.  His music makes me want to do work. " Talkin' bout progress I ain't lookin back, people talkin' bout how Hov left 'em flat. Try to re-write history, let's talk about facts." Whether it's hitting it hard at the gym or just getting 'ish done in my daily life' Jay always gets me going.  

As a single female I face concerns, or just plain old experiences with the opposite sex.  There's tons of music for that.  When I need to remind myself of my worth, and move forward towards a better choice, I listen to some Keyshia Cole.  "I know where I went wrong when I loved you more than I loved myself..."  Her lyrics are so empowering.  "I'm on the move, I don't want to lose what I came to prove. It's everything I expect myself to be.  And I'm going to do everything I set out to; making my dreams come true.  It means so much to me."  If you ladies haven't got into Keyshia; you're truly missing out on some good therapy.  It's not just about heartbreak or sorrow.  It's about knowing yourself and what you deserve.  Alicia Keys has some great songs for that too.  

Lauryn Hill.  Yes that's a sentence.  Have you heard her unplugged album?  "Adam Lives In Theory," "I Gotta Find Peace of Mind," "Rebel," "The Conquering Lion;" it changed my world.  The thing is that the music can't be what you're all about.  You need to live.  You need to live and breathe, experience and learn.  Sometimes you don't have to experience; you can just trust that your mother or father actually knew what they were talking about when they told you not to fall for a man with a child and a baby mama.  

Life's lessons can be learned day to day.  The question is simply this: Do you really want to learn? Do you really want to move on from mediocrity?  I sure as hell do.  I can't help but feel that I was created for an incredible purpose.  That's all fine and dandy.  But will I actually get to a point in my life when I am actually taking the necessary steps that would lead to what my soul was meant for?  

My music can nudge me; but ultimately, my daily choices reflect who I really am.  


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