Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dry Cleaners and God thoughts

Do you ever wonder how certain types of business survive?  Today I had breakfast at Denny's and I noticed that they finally added ham to the "Build Your Own Slam" option.  I was glad because I like the ham there and I always had to pay $2 extra just for a slice.  I'd often think about how much they charge for extra things like that.  For example; if you'd like to add chicken to any plate at Olive Garden; it's an extra $4 or something like that.  But if you go to the store you can buy boneless skinless chicken breast for about $5; and you get about 5 pieces.  This morning I thought, "How much of the cost for these extra's go to the cook, or the waitress?"  Just now I saw an add for a chain of dry-cleaners here in the high desert.  This is sort of a small town and I began to wonder about how these places make a buck.  There are car-washes on every corner.  Do they really make a profit?  With so many retail stores here in the High Desert; I wonder how it is people who work retail can afford rent and shopping.  If it wasn't for my parents and grandparents I'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel working at Roxy and looking like a gamey piece of al'pastor on the spit.

Anyways; what a blessed 4-day weekend.  Lots of fun w/my Jay Bird whom I love so dearly.  I love my parents and enjoy spending time with them.  Also; Ryan Reyna spoke at his church today and it was a powerful message; especially for those who are not as active in their faith as they should be. It made sense to me.  God wants me to partner with Him in all that He is doing.  The truth is that He is working whether I join in or not.  I do miss being a part of what is good in His eyes. 


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