Saturday, December 11, 2010

Primpin Ain't Easy

Important night tonight. On top of being our Christmas party and me representing one of our Executives; I just want to look good!  It takes time to really look good.  Yes there are women with natural beauty who need little to no make-up.  But these same women still need to bathe, shave, file, polish, blow-dry, and coordinate an outfit.  For those ladies who are like me and need a little plaster and spackling paste; it's only more time consuming.  I like to plan ahead... well... sometimes!  I have been eating well and working out almost daily for the last two weeks.  After several attempts to find a new dress for the party I just gave up and decided to wear a cute short black dress with gold trim that I have.  I got the dress, I got the underwear,(yes dresses require certain specific types of undergarments) and this morning I found some really elegant but simple black heels.  After the shoes I went to Forever 21 to pick out some accessories.  I got 4 pairs of earrings because I wasn't sure which would go best.  The outfit is complete and now it's time to groom.

After an hour long bath I proceeded to follow the steps it takes to make me fly.  Moisturizing this skin and diffusing my hair is done in segments and lasts throughout the primping process.  It is now 4:22 and I am playing the waiting game.  To avoid being late or rushed I started to get ready at 2:30.  I don't want to put my eyeliner on mascara just yet because I want it to be fresh.  Who knows what I'm talking about? 

On top of all this; I'm so worried about what my date will be wearing.  It's somewhat of a formal occasion but I won't be one of those ladies wearing a prom-dress.  My date, however, said he refuses to wear slacks.  WTF??!!  I need a guy who knows how to appropriately dress to different occasions.  I get it.  Jeans can be stylish and dressy... If you're Kanye West!  When I told my CEO that my date was going to wear jeans she almost had a fainting spell.  I am nervous!! 

Those of you who know me know that I don't care about status or where you come from.  I'm not a label-whore or a big baller.  I do however believe that slacks are nice and appropriate for a company Christmas party.  But hey... that's just me!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Story Toppers

We all know our share of story toppers; that one person who could never just let you talk.  Their story is more tragic; their experience is more important.  It doesn't matter if you're sharing a personal experience with a trusted friend; if they overhear you, they have an opinion.  The sad thing is that it doesn't matter what the topic is.  Let's say you're dear sweet grandma died of a battle with heart-disease; their grandmother's case of heart-disease was even worse!  To all you story toppers out there: SHUT UP!  Let others talk. Mind you're own damn business!  The worst is when nobody is even talking to you.  Not everyone loves the sound of your voice.  Not every minute of the day needs to resound your horrid, piercing tone. 

Story toppers make me sit back and examine myself.  I am not the quietest of the bunch.  There are times when I can be beyond obnoxious and loud.  I am consciously trying to be appropriate when I need to be; aware of my environment and those in it.  There's a time for everything.  Whether it's good, loud fun, or quiet listening; I will do my best to be considerate of others. 

Now let's not get carried away; some of you story tellers also need to shut up.  Not everyone wants to hear about your life and how perfect it is.  It's like the good book says: You could tell the what type of tree it is by the fruit it bears.  If you really have an admirable life; people will... admire you!  So stop talking about yourself so much. 

In the company of friends and loved ones; conversation and jokes flow naturally.  Enjoy the ride and participate.



Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Difference In Me

When I returned to the States from Mozambique; my pastor gave me a bible verse to reflect on and live by.  It was 1 Corinthians 10:23 which states: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify."  His exact words were, "All things are permissible; but all things do not edify."  To my understanding; being edified means being refined and instructed.  That which edifies you leads you to what is truly good, purposeful, and long-term.  It is beneficial for not only yourself; but those around you; and that's the catch.  It's not just about you; it's about those you affect.  When you are edified; you affect your environment in a positive way.  You contribute to your community and care for the well-being of others; and not just their bodies but their souls. 

I lack conviction.  I lack follow-through.  I dove right into the "all is permissible" part of the verse.  I'm yet to actively participate and initiate that which edifies. 

Here's to significant change.  Let's see which steps I take towards a better me.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dry Cleaners and God thoughts

Do you ever wonder how certain types of business survive?  Today I had breakfast at Denny's and I noticed that they finally added ham to the "Build Your Own Slam" option.  I was glad because I like the ham there and I always had to pay $2 extra just for a slice.  I'd often think about how much they charge for extra things like that.  For example; if you'd like to add chicken to any plate at Olive Garden; it's an extra $4 or something like that.  But if you go to the store you can buy boneless skinless chicken breast for about $5; and you get about 5 pieces.  This morning I thought, "How much of the cost for these extra's go to the cook, or the waitress?"  Just now I saw an add for a chain of dry-cleaners here in the high desert.  This is sort of a small town and I began to wonder about how these places make a buck.  There are car-washes on every corner.  Do they really make a profit?  With so many retail stores here in the High Desert; I wonder how it is people who work retail can afford rent and shopping.  If it wasn't for my parents and grandparents I'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel working at Roxy and looking like a gamey piece of al'pastor on the spit.

Anyways; what a blessed 4-day weekend.  Lots of fun w/my Jay Bird whom I love so dearly.  I love my parents and enjoy spending time with them.  Also; Ryan Reyna spoke at his church today and it was a powerful message; especially for those who are not as active in their faith as they should be. It made sense to me.  God wants me to partner with Him in all that He is doing.  The truth is that He is working whether I join in or not.  I do miss being a part of what is good in His eyes. 


Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Mama

I am thankful for my mother.  Her compassion and strength are unshakeable.  In hurtful siutations, she goes to her quiet place and talks to God.  Composed she comes out and lives.  Facing her opponent she smiles.  It is Thanksgiving and there is only room for love.  She moves forward and onward to make happy memories because happiness is a choice that involves action.  My best-friend, my rock, my mama.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Is Cristina Aguilera preggers??  She was on Conan tonight and she was looking pretty jiggly; not that I wouldn't kill to look like her even when she jiggles like that.  I had a great day.  Work was busy enough and I had sushi with my dad and my best friend Salina.  Holler.  We even made it to the gym!!!  Goodnight!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Selective Claustraphobia

Yes I have this.  It comes and goes and has a mind of its own.  Today it showed up with a vengeance.  As I sat in my office chair during the last 2 hours of work; a sudden anger came over me and I could not sit still.  I had to get out of my seat and stretch and just get some space.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I like being up and about.  Maybe it's just that I like being able to be up and about whenever I feel I need to.  And whatever happened to 15 minute breaks?  Are those not allowed anymore?  I get an hour for lunch; but does that mean that I get no other break during the day.  I need my 15 minute break.  It would be nice to get out of my seat and just go for a little walk around the hallway.  I can't wait till Wednesday.  I will begin working on what I was hired to do and will be much too busy to sit and freak out.

Should be tired.... but not.