Friday, October 29, 2010

Hoochie Halloween

Is it really true?  Do most of us "ladies" look for the sexiest costume we could find? A few years back I told my roomate that I was going to dress as a Cantina Girl for Halloween.  "What's that?" she asked.  "Sort of like a slutty Mexican chick," I said.  "Oh; so you're going to be yourself?" she replied.  WELL!  Who hasn't done it?  It's fun. And while you still got a lil something to show; why the hell not?  I was a farmer one year.  That wasn't hoochie.  My favorite costume was when I was in pre-school.  I will never forget it.  My mom dressed me as Pippi Long-Stocking.  My outfit was dope!  I had some cut-off jean shorts, long striped socks, and she put pens in my hair to make my braids stand up on the sides.  I even had freckles painted on my face.  That was probably the best costume I've ever worn.  Whatever you are this year make sure you rock it.  And if you're getting older and not looking as "tight" as you once did... tuck those nalgas in.  Nobody want's to see that mess. 

Oh yeah; don't drink and drive!!


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