Monday, December 6, 2010

Story Toppers

We all know our share of story toppers; that one person who could never just let you talk.  Their story is more tragic; their experience is more important.  It doesn't matter if you're sharing a personal experience with a trusted friend; if they overhear you, they have an opinion.  The sad thing is that it doesn't matter what the topic is.  Let's say you're dear sweet grandma died of a battle with heart-disease; their grandmother's case of heart-disease was even worse!  To all you story toppers out there: SHUT UP!  Let others talk. Mind you're own damn business!  The worst is when nobody is even talking to you.  Not everyone loves the sound of your voice.  Not every minute of the day needs to resound your horrid, piercing tone. 

Story toppers make me sit back and examine myself.  I am not the quietest of the bunch.  There are times when I can be beyond obnoxious and loud.  I am consciously trying to be appropriate when I need to be; aware of my environment and those in it.  There's a time for everything.  Whether it's good, loud fun, or quiet listening; I will do my best to be considerate of others. 

Now let's not get carried away; some of you story tellers also need to shut up.  Not everyone wants to hear about your life and how perfect it is.  It's like the good book says: You could tell the what type of tree it is by the fruit it bears.  If you really have an admirable life; people will... admire you!  So stop talking about yourself so much. 

In the company of friends and loved ones; conversation and jokes flow naturally.  Enjoy the ride and participate.



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